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Maeshowe December 1998 - January 1999

Sunset in Maeshowe
19 January 1999 Page 1
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The sun first shone onto the floor, before illiminating the blocking stone directly at its base and rear chamber by scattered light.  The sun finally disappeared at 15:31. The light inside was the brightest the author has ever seen, partly due to reflections off water in the passage and partly due to the elevation of the sun. 

Pictures were taken on a Kodak DC50 digital camera, on loan from David Griffith of Orknet.  Many thanks for this very helpful gesture.


Maeshowe entry passage from outside 14:51

The sun on the floor 15:00

Reflected light on the back wall 15:02

The beam widens and extends slowly 

By 15:14 the chamber was brilliantly lit

Reflected light illuminates the back chamber

15:20 the beam moves off the stone

By 15:22 the beam is still very bright

At 15:25 the sun was still above the Ward Hill

By 15:26 the sun was nearly off the blocking stone .

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