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Maeshowe December 1998 - January 1999

"Flashing observed" on the back wall 11 January 1999 Page 2
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As expected, "flashing occurred today, where the sun disappeared behind the Ward Hill of Hoy and momentarily reappeared on the other side - literally blinking on the back wall of the cairn.  Pictures below were taken on 35mm ISO 400 film.
See page 1 for digital photos of the sunset

Maeshowe entry passage from outside 14:50

The sun at 14:50 over the Hoy Hills

The beam eventually evenly illuminates the blocking stone

By 15:20 the sun slipped behind the Ward Hill
A diffuse light then shone into the cairn

Then at 15:30 a second flash or blink of light shone onto the back wall 

This was dimmer than the first beam

It faded quickly

At 15:31 the sun disappears again behind the Ward Hill of Hoy 

The sun set into the notch between the Hoy Hills and the Stenness skyline   The "flashing" or "blink" of light is not very strong, and identical to that observed on 1st December 1998.

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