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Maeshowe December 1998 - January 1999

Sunset Digital Photos 11 January 1999 Page 1

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As expected "flashing" occurred today (see page 2), where the sun disappeared behind the Ward Hill of Hoy and momentarily reappeared on the other side - literally blinking on the back wall of the cairn. 

Pictures were taken on a Kodak DC50 digital camera, on loan from David Griffith of Orknet.  Many thanks for this very helpful gesture.


Maeshowe entry passage from outside 14:52:44

The sun at 14:53:04 over the Hoy Hills

At first the light only just reached the back wall as a narrow beam 14:58:20

The beam widens slowly and the patch
on the wall grows 14:58:42

By 14:59:06 the passage
was brilliantly lit

The beam of light reaches the blocking
stone and gradually covers it 15:08:58

By about 15:14:50  the blocking stone is evenly lit on both sides.  The beam of light is also square on to the cell above, which is illuminated by scatered light

By 15:17:22 the light had faded and
the blocking stone was illuminated by
light from the bright sky

At 15:19:06 the sun disappears behind the Ward Hill of Hoy

Only to reappear briefly about ten minutes later at 15:25:40.  Unfortunately the digital shot of this light patch did not work, see page 2 for film shots.  The "flashing" or "blink" of light is not very strong, and identical to that observed on 1st December 1998.

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